Week of October 20 – New Releases & Best-Sellers!

This week’s great new releases and best-sellers:

Boo to You Too! by Elizabeth RodgerAn interesting Halloween tale that is appropriate and fun for kids for Pre-school through grade 2.

Here’s what the Washington Post had to say about Commonwealth by Ann Patchett

We love Ann Patchett for her novels, but her new one, “Commonwealth,” reminds us that, in another world, she could have been one of our favorite short story writers, too. …“Commonwealth” opens with a 32-page story about a party at Fix Keating’s house in Los Angeles. Fix is a policeman, and among the fellow cops and family members who come to celebrate the christening of his daughter Franny is a deputy DA named Bert Cousins, who crashes the party — with a bottle of gin — just to avoid going home to his suffocating wife and kids. As the afternoon wears on… (continue article here ‘Commonwealth’: Ann Patchett’s masterful novel of family and family secrets).

And the New York Times Raves about Commonwealth:

Patchett wisely underplays the drama — the chapter is a masterly example of showing rather than telling — and the increasingly shocking details speak for themselves. “The candy bars were starting to melt and the gun was hot from being out in the sun and they put them all together back in the bag.” Read the whole article here Ann Patchett’s Latest Novel Follows Six Siblings Over 50 Years

Surrender, New York by Caleb Carr is on USA Today’s top 28 list! – Read the review here: ‘Surrender’ to the pleasures of Caleb Carr’s novel

H.W Brands, an American educator, author and historian based in Portland, Oregon who authored 25 books. He delves deep into the truth as he sees it and delivers a whopping, galloping account of the Chain of Command gone awry in The General and the President. H.W.’s revisits one of the most significant events of 20th century military history when Truman dismissed MacArthur from his command in 1951.